Tractor-trailer trucks are ever present on the roadways, which we drive on each day. These massive vehicles often cause massive wrecks with massive injuries. Trucking accidents have been on the rise in recent years due to the overwhelming use of tractor-trailers by companies for transportation services. This problem will only grow in the future. When an accident caused by a tractor-trailer occurs, the results are often catastrophic.

As soon as a trucking accident happen, the insurance company will send out an investigation team to assess and deny individuals the compensation they deserve. They will attempt to limit the amount of the claim by using any tactic available once an accident occurs. This is why it is imperative for an individual or their loved ones to contact The Law Office of Thomas L. Carnes III as soon as possible. There are very important steps that must be taken in order to preserve a claim against a trucking company for its negligence on the roadways. Attorney Trey Carnes III will aggressively prosecute your claim for negligence against these titans off the road. 

So hire The Law Office of Thomas L. Carnes, III and tell the insurance companies to “PAY TREY.”

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