Motorcycle Accidents

With the amount of cars, trucks, and SUV’s on the roadways today motorcycle and bicycle riders are at an increased risk. Motorcycles and bicycles simply do not have the protection an automobile provides. This, however, does not mean that motorcycle and bicycle riders have less legal protection while on the roads. Often times, car drivers fail to look when turning or pulling out onto a roadway. Given their size, motorcycles and bicycles can be easily overlooked for such drivers. When accidents happen between a car and these two types of vehicles, the results are often catastrophic. Riders then face a long road to recover with surmounting medical bills along the way. Do Not Be Fooled. If you have been injured by an automobile while riding your motorcycle or bicycle, you do have rights. Call us now to discuss the compensation you deserve. Let Attorney Trey Carnes fight for your right to ride safely on the roadways of Georgia.


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